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Debt Recovery

Our fee structure as shown below is based on collection of the debt in full. No Collection, No Fee.

Amount Collected % of Debt
Up to $10,000.00 21%
$10,000.01 – $20,000.00 18%
Over $20,000.01 16%

Minimum fee for collection of any debt in full is $33.04 ($38.00 incl GST)

  • If you have the correct terms of trade wording, our collection fee is payable by the debtor so there is no cost to you even if the debtor refuses to pay our collection fee.
  • There are no vouchers to purchase upfront and no joining / loading / annual fees payable. (Conditions Apply)
  • No collection, no fee unless we collect 100% of the debt amount, our collection fee is not payable.
  • Talk to us about tailoring a debt collection package to suit your business requirements.

Credit Checks

Private Individuals (Consumer) – $25.00
Company from – $50.00

* Note all charges / costs exclude GST

Recovering Outstanding Debts

Whether you have one or numerous overdue accounts, are a sole trader or large corporation, let Global Credit Management recover those business and consumer debts via our innovative result driven debt collection service.

Debt Collection Overview

  • No Collection No Fee – Unless we collect 100% of the debt amount our collection fee is not payable.
  • Our Collection Fee May Even Be Free – If you have the correct terms of trade the debtor will pay all collection fees. We can assist you with the correct terms of trade wording.
  • No Joining, Loading or Annual Fees – There are no vouchers to purchase upfront and no joining / loading / annual fees payable. (Conditions Apply)
  • Payments To You – All payments from debtors are made directly to you. This includes any repayment arrangements.
  • No Payment Fees – No charging of a collection fee each time the debtor makes a payment.
  • Tracing Debtors – Ability to trace debtors if they have vanished.
  • Your Own Personal Debt Collection Officer – This person will manage the collection of your debts and keep you fully informed of the process.
  • 24/7 Online Access – Online access 24/7 to check progress on the collection of your debts.
  • Credit Defaults – Ability to load credit defaults with the largest credit reporting company in New Zealand.
  • Field Agents – Experienced field agents based throughout New Zealand.
  • Tailored Debt Collection Package – Ability to tailor a debt collection package to suit your business requirements.

On Going Credit Checks

Are you providing credit or a landlord looking at a potential tenant? Whether it is a business or private individual Global Credit Management can credit check that party. Remember a credit check forms an important tool to enable you to make the right decision.

Global Credit Management uses a number of sources to gather the credit reporting information including New Zealand’s largest credit reporting company and our own debt collection database.

There are no joining or annual fees payable.

Its a simple process to join. Just printout (PDF file) and complete our Credit Check (On Going) Access Authorisation Form.



Individual or Company Credit Checks

To credit check a private individual or company click on Authorisation Forms and printout (PDF file) the relevant form. This needs to be completed by the party being credit checked. Then just fax or email the form to Global Credit Management. Normally you will have the credit report within 30 minutes.


Owing Money

We understand that not being able to meet your financial commitments can be a worrying and stressful time. Our staff are here to help you manage and repay your debt(s) either in full as one payment or via a satisfactory repayment arrangement. We can offer advice and support and will help you monitor your payment progress until your debt(s) are repaid.

Owe Money

Why Choose Global Credit Management For Help?

We  have all been through difficult financial and personal times. Our staff  will work with you and help to take the stress away from getting your debts paid.

We will offer guidance that will help you clear the debt(s) including setting up a repayment arrangement at a level that you can afford or offer other advice including referring you to a local budget service who can offer not only budget advice but assist you with other support that you may need.

One of Global Credit Management core values is to treat everyone as we would expect to be treated.