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Debt Recovery

Our fee structure as shown below is based on collection of the debt in full. No Collection, No Fee.

Amount Collected % of Debt
Up to $10,000.00 21%
$10,000.01 – $20,000.00 18%
Over $20,000.01 16%

Minimum fee for collection of any debt in full is $33.04 ($38.00 incl GST)

  • If you have the correct terms of trade wording, our collection fee is payable by the debtor so there is no cost to you even if the debtor refuses to pay our collection fee.
  • There are no vouchers to purchase upfront and no joining / loading / annual fees payable. (Conditions Apply)
  • No collection, no fee unless we collect 100% of the debt amount, our collection fee is not payable.
  • Talk to us about tailoring a debt collection package to suit your business requirements.

Credit Checks

Private Individuals (Consumer) – $25.00
Company from – $50.00

* Note all charges / costs exclude GST