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At some point most small businesses will need to deal with managing debtors – Global Credit takes the stress and hassle out of late and overdue payments.

They are extremely professional, polite and friendly- and more importantly always get a great result – whether it’s payment straight away in full, or a payment plan – they also do a great job of keeping the original relationship intact.

What’s even more impressive is that they will help you set up the right clauses in your customer contracts so that you won’t pay a cent for their service. Meaning that if a person is late paying and you’ve contacted them, you can immediately pass on to Global Credit Management to retrieve the funds with their fee added to the late payer (as per the contract they signed with you).

This has to be the best, and most needed small business service, I couldn’t recommend more highly of Mike and his team.

– Hannah Delaney, Kāpiti Collective